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Special Request, the new full-length effort from Irish Moss label heads the Dirty Dubsters is pure fire. With 15 tracks that will light up any dance, Special Request has safely earned the Dirty Dubsters a place amongst today’s rising reggae elite.Showcasing a ton of collaborations, including tracks with Soom T, Blackout JA, Mr. Williamz and Demolition Man to name a few, the album’s first single “Big Sound” with Screechy Dan and Chip Fu has been released to considerable fanfare, getting attention on multiple continents. From NYC to London, Special Request is blazing! This album shows the diversity and talent of the curators of Irish Moss. 15 danceable tracks of pure riddim – good fi di body!

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Don’t forget to check out the video to their single ‘Back 2 Boom City ft Rí Rá and Blackout JA’