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Fallen 45 press pic (Zeyd Ayoob)

Hailing from Manchester newcomer Fallen 45 provides four heavyweight tracks for his debut release on Dub Police entitled TO FALL OR FLY Having collaborated with fellow Mancunian Biome last year on ‘Lost’, the track was quickly snapped up by heritage Dubstep label Tempa as well as being featured within The Others ‘MyStyle 004’ compilation at the tail end of 2014.

First up is the enormous ‘Illusions’. Gaining early support from Dub Police generals Caspa and The Others this track nods to the foundation rootsy sound of Dubstep but with a very exciting and cutting edge twist; big drums, growling warping bass and unsettling atmospherics all combine to create one hard hitting opening track. ‘2D Spaces’ is a dark and futuristic journey laced with filtered bass snarls and eery synth-work. Next up is the epic ‘Fractals’ again combining dark, complex synththesis and edgy melodies on top of hard hitting metallic drums and low sub bass. The EP is rounded off with the excellent ‘Realisations’ with it’s mysterious Blade Runner-esq pads and chopped vocals all sublimely fused to create a moody roller to bring proceedings to a close.

A great Dub Police debut from this exciting new producer and someone we feel you should be keeping a close eye on as he is set to have a big future ahead with his exciting take on Dubstep.


Photo Credit: Zeyd Ayoob