Press Shot - Both

DJ Phantasy & Dextone have just dropped a banging visual feast to accompany their latest release ‘Refused’ from their joint EP of the same name.

We caught up with DJ Phantasy to find out what his top 5 music videos are at the moment.

1) Harry Shotta Show feat Doctor

The follow up to the record breaking #Animal track sees Harry Shotta answer those who were trying to make the record about Eminem vs Harry Shotta
You need to listen to the words carefully to hear the story as it really is.


2) Chip – Dickhead

Chip has shown the World what a sick artist he is. I could of chosen every track he’s made in 2015 but I chose this one because it showed how he can pretty much make a hook out of anything.
Also, whenever anyone I know does something stupid, I just play this track for them haha
I rate Chip as one of the best we have in the uk.


3) Dub Phizix & Strategy – Buffalo Charge

This video is excellent. One of those you kinda hoped you made first. Lol. Tracks wicked as well.


4) Harry Shotta Show – Animal

I know Dextone and I produced this track with Harry Shotta but still when I see the video I feel Proud because when I was speaking with Lx the video director about my ideas, he took them, enhanced them and made my thought process a reality. There will be many more videos from the upcoming album.


5) stormzy – shut up

What can we say about this seriously talented artist that hasn’t been said already. He’s pure quality. What I love about this video is the rawness of it, just a one take, put it out and get millions of views.
Love that.


There you go!! Big choices from a big man in the Drum & Bass scene. You can check out DJ Phantasy & Dextone’s video for ‘Refused’ below, and make sure you check in with them online as well…

DJ Phantasy Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud
Dextone Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

Make sure you go grab the EP HERE

DJ Phantasy & Dextone – Refused (Official Video)