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If you’re gonna release an album nowadays, you have to make something really damn special to let it stand out. CRYPTOCHROME, a three-member electro soul-rap band from Reykjavík, Iceland, have done exactly that, and THEN some. Eleven tracks, eleven music videos, with sonic and visual quality to drop the jaws of the most demanding targets, and all done in their spare time on next to zero budget. It really does leave you wondering, ‘what kind of sorcery are these guys using!?’

Now, with nominations, awards, and Iceland Music Export funding to their name, CRYPTOCHROME are finally ready to release their album ‘MORE HUMAN’ to an unexpecting world. Melodic but heavy, light-hearted but powerful, relaxing and equally danceable, this is an album that transcends boundaries and welcomes the listener in with open arms, and sends them away with an enriched experience. CRYPTOCHROME are clearly here to make a SERIOUS impression.

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