Various Artists – DJ Patife Presents – Viva Brazil: SUNANDBASS Sessions [V Recordings]

Various Artists - DJ Patife Presents - Viva Brazil SUNANDBASS Sessions V Recordings

Its summer time, Its hot out there… and DJ Patife is about to make it even HOTTER. Directly from the sun soaked beaches of his native Brazil, SUNANDBASS & V Recordings are proud to bring you DJ Patife Presents – Viva Brazil: SUNANDBASS Sessions.

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LISTEN: Youngman – Spinning [Technique Recordings]




Youngman’s been doing 2017 properly. You’ll have heard him on Radio 1 featuring on tracks by the likes of Phantasy & Macky Gee and Wilkinson. You might well have caught him lyrically killing a rave or a huge festival stage. And you’ll certainly have heard his triumphant return to Technique Recordings with Sorry and his multi-part follow-up by the name of Spinning. In fact, the third part of that project has just landed, and it takes us on an unpredictable journey. Continue reading

LISTEN: Document One – How Low Can You Get? / Girl [Technique Recordings]




Without compromise, without fuss, the Document One boys have established themselves as certified production dons. They’ve managed to weave strands from soul, jazz, hip- hop, techno and funk together into something that’s always just a bit unpredictable. Well, that’s not quite true. The one thing you can predict with certainty is that, every time, they’ll do some serious damage in the dance. And here’s their new release to prove it. Continue reading

LISTEN: Simon Bassline Smith (Smith Inc) – Palomino / Sty-Le [Absolute2Records]


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Time for some history. We’re going back before Technique Recordings, before the team-up with Drumsound, even before drum ‘n’ bass existed as a genre. We’re going back to 1991, when Simon Bassline Smith made an indelible mark on the on the rave scene with his label Absolute 2. Those were the days when his imprint brought us the early work of soon-to-be-legends like Doc Scott and Nookie. Now, with newly remastered versions of some Absolute 2 classics, Mr Smith’s reminding us why he’s been big in the game since day. Continue reading

LISTEN: Youngman – Spinning (Sunset Mix) [Technique Recordings]




There can’t be many DnB emcees and vocalists who’ve written songs for Britney Spears, released tunes on Digital Soundboy, V Recordings and Technique, and toured with Wilkinson. In fact, there’s exactly one. Youngman. And now he’s back on Technique Recordings to push the art of vocal DnB a few notches further. Continue reading

LISTEN: Beat Assassins – Wake Ya Whole Block / War Dem VIP [MOFO Recordings]




The UK is bathing in sunshine. The festival season is on and everyone is thinking about their summer holidays.

So for that reason Beat Assassins are keeping it simple for their next release. No guest vocals or big name remixes. Just A straight up banger for the big rigs, open air parties & clubs. Continue reading